Live Dispatch

Increase Fleet Effeciency with realtime GPS information.

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Partner with other Fleets

Send and Receive work from trusted network partners.

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Manage your Drivers

Easily grow your fleet and manage your resources.

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Your Reservations

Never loose track of time sensistive information. Our Dispatch grid gives you instant access to any information you need

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The IT Transportation Platform consists of various modules designed to designed to scale and grow with demand. By choosing a hosted solution initial capital costs are reduced drastically.

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Reach All Corners of Technology

Your cars never sit still. So why should your technology?

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We cover a lot of ground.

The ITTP Platform powers your operations from the Call Center to In Car Technology. We were built to address the technology needs of Ground Transportation.

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We're Always Improving

Technology is never a one-time investment. Evaluating your infrastructure every 3 years would be equivlant to going to the doctor every 40. With TransIT you always get the latest features at no additional cost.

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About Us

Transportation i.t. is dedicated to bringing the benefits of tailored software and cutting edge IT developments to small businesses. Enterprise IT has reached the point where it is completely within the reach of small and medium sized businesses. Our responsibility is to make sure that those who can benefit from these developments are not ignored.

To us, Information Technology is wonderful and promising, an art form. We love the way you can sculpt a network around the world. That constant hum of computers in your server room? That is the lifeblood of your business. It’s not just a way to save money, it is the heart of your business and your everyday life.


Mobile App

Getting access to your customers and drivers are key in remaining relevant. We have developed Consumer mobile applications to help you reach your customers and a Driver Application to keep your drivers in the loop.

Reservation Engine

When your clients are not making reservations on their mobile phones, they're at a computer. Let's keep things easy for them with your own web reservation portal.

GroundCom VoIP

Running an expansive call center is challeging enough. We've built a set of tools that help you manage your resources effectively. Since it's hosted you can even have home based agents at peak hours!

Why Us?

  • We are constantly searching for the latest and best opportunities for our clients so they can pass that onto their customers.
  • We spend most of our time learning how you work to give you the perfect fit.
  • Our Technology Solutions grow as you grow.
  • We have many, many options. Choose only the ones you need at the moment, the other features will be waiting for you.
  • When you grow, we grow. So it's in our best interest that you do well.

If you have a unique way of doing business we also do custom development, please contact